Pinjarra Pymble caters to children in the year prior to school. We have two rooms, both with the age groups 4-5 years of age.

Rainbow Room and Sunshine Rooms promote the importance of learning and developing children's social and emotional skills. With an emphasis on PLAY-Based Learning, children can lead, contribute and question, be curious, explore and discover at their own pace and follow their own interests.

There are spaces to sit and learn quietly as well as places to use their large muscles. 

The children can re-enact familiar stories like The Three Little Pigs; move to songs they enjoy and tell stories through their play.

By engaging their senses, children are able to explore and discover the world around them, likely to make a mess and even get messy!

The children will learn how to become independent, work with others as a team and recognise and regulate their emotions. They will explore culture and self-identity and how the world around them works.

We are enrolling now  for 3-5 year olds in 2021

Pinjarra Pre-School


We are very lucky with the abundance of space in our outdoor environment, with many garden beds (Fairy Garden, Vegie Patch with Scarecrow, and Dinosaur Garden) that are continually growing and flourishing just like the children who help care for them. SUSTAINABILITY plays a large part in who we are as a service. The children will learn about the ‘reuse, reduce and recycle’ initiative, composting, water conservation, caring for the environment and the living organisims within it and the inclusion of natural resources, promoting a positive learning approach. Our outdoor environment provides a vast array of possibilities to climb, run, dig and dance or quietly read a story with our lovely local grandmother.

The Garden (Pymble)