Pinjarra Early Years Preschool at Gordon

In our Babies Centre we provide a nurturing environment for our youngest children, with the added benefit of trained teachers who lead an enthusiastic and dedicated learning environment.  We have a maximum of 16 children in this age group, and provide 4 consistent staff from 8am to 6pm, supporting a deep understanding and secure relationship with your child from arrival to departure. We know babies are intuitive and react negatively to high stress environments, so it is vital that we place an emphasis on creating a calm and relaxed atmosphere in our Babies Centre, through music, calming colours, and more wooden toys.

Come and see our new equipment. The babies are enjoying their time exploring.


Positions available for enrolment in 2021
6 weeks-2 years
Positions available for enrolment in 2021
2 years-3 years

Our Yellow Room is our toddler focused learning environment, and it is separated further into a Front Yellow and the Annex. We can enrol up to 24 children in Yellow Room each day, and we know it is certainly best practice to create smaller groups for children. That is why we offer two separate learning environments within Yellow Room – there are usually less children in the Annex area and slightly more children in the Front Yellow Room.


Toddlers are making a transition from being babies to preschoolers and they need educators who are supportive of this exciting, but sometimes challenging, period in their lives. In the Annex we have up to 10 children each day, and this will mean up to 14 children will be in the Front Yellow. Toddlers need to have predictable routines and consistent expectations, both of themselves and others. They are constantly testing their own limitations and learning to consider their place in the world as an individual, whilst establishing a social context outside of their home environment. Belonging to a larger group, whilst still having the security of trusted educators and an educational program tailored to their specific requirements, is what we believe to be the best learning environment for our toddlers at Pinjarra.

Young Pre school 
Positions available for enrolment in 2021
3 years- 5 years

Pinjarra Early Years, this age group are our oldest children at Gordon and they share their time together in the outdoor playground.  Both these rooms provide an educational program which is responsive to pre-schoolers highly inquisitive minds and supportive of their remarkable ability to problem solve to find solutions in order to make sense of their world. Pre-Schoolers need educators who understand they have a strong desire to test out their theories and who provide a learning environment which enables this self-discovery to occur. Social relationships with their peers play a vital role in pre-schoolers lives and their confidence to participate in learning experiences. The separate groupings of Blue and Red Room allow educators to guide each child appropriately with pro-social skills of negotiating, turn-taking and consideration of different perspectives as they learn to share their world with each other.